A list of frequently asked questions.
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When can I book a stay at one of the hotels?

Each project will take 5-7 years to mature. As we are revitalizing devastated areas, the first step will be to begin healing the environment before we can start construction. Depending on the level of environmental degradation, that will impact our construction timeline.

We will, however, continue to update our followers and our stakeholders as to how quickly construction can begin. As we are using green energy and renewable methodologies for our building, all of which will be on site prior to breaking ground, once the construction process is underway, we anticipate eighteen month turn around to a grand opening in each location.

How many hotels do you have planned?

We are currently in negotiations with nine countries around the world, but we plan to have locations in Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania, and the Caribbean.

How will your hotels be different than other five star hotels?

Because we are fully invested in ecotourism above just a “hotel” experience, we will offer a blend of cross cultural learning opportunities, environmental impact journeys, and authentic explorations of the surrounding 2000ha project lands. This means that in partnership with local artisans, tour guides, and adventure experts, your experience will be filled with everything from diving, forest walks, rare species rehabilitation, discovery, and so much more.

Additionally, in a world where we must all take into account our own personal footprint, we offer the benefit of not only a zero emission travel experience, but a first hand look at the positive benefit through our unique environmental, social, health, and educational programs on site.

How can I find out more about Sequestered Ecotourism and when the hotels will open?

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